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Meet our team

  1. Business Sectors – 
    • Real Estate, Hospitality, Quick Service Restaurants, Global Trading.
  2. Leadership:
      • Ekta oversees all aspects of the business and looks out for new horizons to expand the businesses into. 
  3. Professional Expertise : 
    • Ekta worked for several years for family business in medical equipment and herbal dietary supplements manufacturing in India.
    • After coming to USA, Ekta has worked with the family business where she has overseen all departments such as accounting, human resource, quality assurance, and procurement.
  4. Academics:
    • Bachelor’s in Biotechnology from La Trobe University, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 

Ekta Kakadia


Divyesh Kakadia


  1. Business Sectors – 
    • Real Estate, Hospitality, Quick Service Restaurants, Global Trading.
  2. Investment –
    • Managing the entire investment cycle of over 100 mn USD in the US.
  3. Leadership:
    • Solely developed, constructed and managed four hotel properties from reputed brands in upstate New York.
    • Divyesh’s background in the business has elevated each company project to a new level where he utilizes his vision and keen sense of business into a model for success.
  4. Professional Expertise :
    • His motto to “under commit and over deliver” has put Kakadia Group on the USA map as one of the finest hotel operators in the industry with success at each level of the company’s development, acquisition and management arm.
  5. Academics:
    • Masters in Computer Science Indiana University in Bloomington, IN . 10 Yrs experience in real estate development / management .
    • He is one of the core members of the group and handled four hotels in USA.
  1. Business Sectors – 
    • Real Estate, Hospitality, Quick Service Restaurants, Global Trading.
  2. Leadership:
    • Business development USA Operations . His role as one of the core members of the Kakadia Group has been extremely important in ensuring that the company values stay intact with very few surprises during and at the conclusion of each project.
  3. Professional Expertise :
    • 10 Yrs experience in real estate development / management . His relationships with major brands and investment institutions have earned him respect and integrity.
  4. Academics:
    • MBA in marketing from Long Island University .

Vimal Kakadia


John S.


  1. Business Sectors
    • 28 years of industry experience in Building Multi Billion USD global businesses by leading projects for creation of World Largest facilities and Setting-Up/Profitably Operated Business/Service Companies in Oil/Gas, Exploration & Production, Refining & Marketing, PetChem, Textiles, Real Estate, Logistics, Financial Services Industry, HeathCare, Power, Exponential technologies like BlockChain(BC), IOT, AI, SpaceTech, Drones, FinTech, Corporate Security, Sports/MICE, Retail – Luxury, Fashion, Consumer Electronics, FMCG, Telecom , Media , Entertainment, Digital Services
  2. Investment:
    • Over 20 years of experience on cross border financing, has been involved with large Government and Private Sector multi billion transactions  as a lead organizer.
    • Direct contacts with major sovereign funds, pension funds, university endowments, private equity funds, investment banks and private investors. Manages/Co-Invests in alternative assets/ICOs with UHNWI Family Offices/Institutional Capital.
  3. Leadership:
    • Drive financial results with focus on disruptive business models ( social commons, collaborative commons, zero marginal cost, convergence of exponentials ) customer, innovation, efficient board & sound corporate culture.
  4. Professional Expertise :
    • Family Offices I Investment Banking (IB) I Global Business Execution I Corporate Governance(CG) I Technology I Business Models Development I Product Development I Strategy Formulation and Execution I Global CRM I Global SCM I Innovation I Non-Profit Governance I Sustainability I Impact Investing.
  5. Affiliations:
      • Director-DIN No: 06882212 MCA GOI & NACD.
      • Advisor-JUSE Tokyo.
      • Judge-Stevie Awards NYC.
      • Corporate Governance Bodies.
  6. Awards:
    • Balanced Scorecard (BSC) Hall of Fame-Mumbai,2011.
    • EFQM Business Excellence-Paris,2008.
    •  Deming-Tokyo,2007.
    • Stevie’s (Corporate Oscar)-NYC,2005.
    • ASQ Gold-Seattle,2005.
  7. Consulting:
    • IIRC – International Integrated Reporting Council.
    • Family Businesses/Conglomerates in AMEA, Europe, Americas on IB/M&A/Human, Capital/Profitability/Productivity/Safety/Business Continuity/Sustainability/Risks with BSC.
  8. Academics:
    • Cognition Scientist.
    • MBA(Corporate Governance), INSEAD.