1World Energy Corporation

Digitalization Infrastructure

Helping take your message to the masses

We have a strong supplier base to support your initiatives towards  Digitalization, Digital Twins, Cyber Physical System (CPS), Internet of Things (IoT) ,  Industry 4.0 and DOOH infrastructure.

  • Product Information:
    1. We are suppliers supplier of all hardware with builtin software components needed for Digital out of home infrastructure.
    2. We provide the entire intelligent DOOH and kiosks products ( hardware and software ) for digital advertising and cyber physical solutions for all of the following industries.
    3. Full range of automation products needed to build Cyber Physical Systems.
    4. IOT sensors.
    5. Industry 4.0 FRP structures.
    6. Faster Supply Chains.
  • Applications:
    1. Banking
    2. Restaurant
    3. Smart Retail
    4. Payment
    5. Small Business Automation
    6. Digital Connected Services
    7. Telecom & Technology Solutions
    8. Travel Solutions ( Metros, Airports, Railways, Roadways, Amphibian Airports etc)
    9. Stadium & Venue Solutions
    10. Professional Service
  •  Specifications:
    1. Detailed Spec as per standard specs available on enquiry. 
    2. MSDS available on enquiry.