1World Energy Corporation


Food is fundamental – It sustains us, fulfills us and fuels our wellbeing.

1WEC is a full service agri soft commodity trading company. Our presence in the agricultural markets reflects the ever-increasing linkages between energy and other commodity markets.  Our agribusiness and food ingredient company are dedicated to improving the global food supply chain. From the farm to the table, our team supplies raw and processed agricultural commodities and specialized food ingredients to a wide range of customers in the livestock, poultry, food processor, food services and bakery industries.

1WEC is devoted to that impact every single day. Unlocking Nature. Enriching Life. We trade  in human and animal nutrition and are one of the leaders in agricultural origination and processing . We are also  a leading global trader of renewable chemicals. Our breadth, depth, insights, partner facilities and logistical expertise give us unparalleled capabilities to meet needs for food, beverages, health and wellness, and more. We unlock nature to enrich life.

Partnerships across the Agri Value Chain

We connect producers and users of grains and oilseeds around the globe through origination, trading, processing, and distribution, as well as offering a range of farmer services and risk management solutions.

Our network of elevators allow for providing the best possible prices and the best possible prices and are directly connected to global trading offices.

1WEC brings together Farmers and Industrial Buyers.

1WEC is a global market leader in  agriculture and has strategic retail branding and distribution partners across world. 

Product Details

At 1WEC we trade raw and white sugar, bulk and bag, for shipment in containers and vessels. Read More….

 We deliver products that help our customers achieve optimal nutrition, feed quality, gut health and pathogen control in the feed for their livestock. Read more….

As one of the world’s leading merchants of grains, dry beans  and oilseeds, 1WEC connects producers and users of grains dry beans and oilseeds around the globe. Read more….

With our unmatched technical ingenuity, 1WEC delivers just what you need to exceed your most demanding application—and consumer—expectations. Read more….

We think trading cocoa is not just a matter of buying and selling products. It is a very demanding matter that requires respect and trust…That’s our philosophy! Read more…

We aspire to provide beans for every cup of coffee consumed each year and there is only one thing we prioritise above coffee itself – partnership. Read more….

We are a leading marketer of raw cotton. We export from the main producing regions in the US, Australia, Brazil, India and West Africa to our customers in Asia. Read more…..

We provide industrial hemp which is an agricultural commodity that is used in the production of many products such as foods, beverages, cosmetics, nutritional supplements, fabrics, textiles, spun fibers, paper, and construction and insulation materials. Read more….

We offer ethanol storage, supply and distribution in each of these key markets. Read more….

1WEC is a leading global fertilizer and fertilizer raw materials trading company with strong finances and a proven track record. Read more.