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The world’s best coffee partner – More than 150 million jute bags of coffee are consumed annually around world. Over 50 countries produce coffee, but majority of crop grows in 10 countries. Our distribution channels include fair trade coffee farmers from around the globe. We aspire to provide beans for every cup of coffee consumed each year and there is only one thing we prioritise above coffee itself – partnership. We work hard at being partner of choice and we know what it takes to keep our customers and suppliers happy. Our strength in origins & commitment to sustainable supply mean you’ll always get what you asked for – that’s our promise to you. 

  • Robusta Beans – Robusta coffee beans are produced largely at lower altitudes in the tropical areas of Asia and Africa. Vietnam is the world’s largest producer. We supply the full spectrum of Robusta qualities, from standard grades to wet polished and washed Robustas.
  • Arabica Beans – Milder, more aromatic and with less caffeine, Arabica coffee makes up the bulk of world production and is grown mainly at higher altitudes in tropical and temperate regions of the Western hemisphere. Brazil is the world’s largest producer of Arabica coffee beans. We supply the full spectrum of Arabica qualities.
  • Green Coffee – Green coffee refers to coffee that has not yet been roasted.  Whilst most coffee that is produced will be roasted during its life, and sold to consumers, some green coffee is used in the food industry and is a popular health food, thought to lower blood pressure and help with weight loss.
  • Speciality Coffee  – We sell specialty coffees from various brands. Quality control, efficient logistics, risk management and contractual accountability – the pillars of green coffee trading – add value and stability to our supply chain.
  • Roasted Coffee – Roasting is the heat process that turns green coffee beans into the fragrant, dark brown beans that form the basis of one of the world’s most popular drinks. We source these from successful roasters who have mastered the art and science of blending various grades and origins to attain a consistent cup of coffee that maintains its uniformity despite limited harvest windows when each coffee is at its peak.
BrazilGuatemalaPapua New Guinea
Costa RicaIndonesiaUganda
  • For our customers, we provide access to all the major coffee producing origins, from individual farmers selling a few kilos of coffee cherries in Papua New Guinea to large plantations in Brazil that deal in hundreds of tonnes of export-ready product.
  • Our long-term customers value our efficiency, innovation, dependability and market insight.
  • For our suppliers, many of whom we have known for generations, we provide certainty and support.
  • We work  direct with farmers to train them in sustainable production techniques and good agronomy practices.