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3-Ply Disposable Masks

Please see below specifications and pictures

We are distributors, stockists and suppliers of face masks from reputed brands including BYD.  We carry a large variety of face mask products. These should be worn both by healthcare workers and patients when necessary. When wearing our products properly, they will guard against large splashes, droplets or sprays from entering the nasal and oral regions. When choosing your specific face mask, make sure you choose the appropriate level in which procedures you will be preforming. Our masks include 3 Ply Disposable masks ( ear loop masks, procedure masks, surgical masks ) respirators ( N95, KN95 ,FFP2, P2, K1, DS), and face shield masks. Click here for a helpful reference to face masks or for respirators in selecting personal protective equipment.

  • Mask length: > 175 mm
  • Mask expansion width: 165 mm. Post-stack width is 95 mm with three stacks in the middle.
  • Each stack width is not less than 10 mm.
  • The nose clip is located on the upper edge of the mask, and the outside of the mask is darker in color.
  • The width of the support part is not more than 10 mm, and the position of the upper nose clip is not more than 16 mm.
  • Nose clip: length > 80 mm; width approximately 3 mm.
  • Ear loop: 180 mm in length and 3 mm in diameter, composed of polyester, spandex and othermaterials, welded on the inner layer not more than 10 mm from the edge.
  • Product name – Single-use face mask.
  • Model – Flat.
  • Size- 175 mm*95 mm.
  • Sterilization – Non-sterile.           
  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) ≥ 99%.
  • Classification – Q/340 827MA.
  • Flame Spread: Class.           
  • Color: White/Blue.        
  • Flexible nose bridge.                    
  • One size fits all.        
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Production Capacity – 10 Mn / day

Our inventory of products are rated on the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). The three levels consist of:

ASTM Level 1 – Low fluid resistance
ASTM Level 2 – Moderate fluid resistance
ASTM Level 3 – High fluid resistance

  • For protection against inhalation of pathogens and airborne liquid droplets
  • Suitable for general use, blocking both the exhalation and inhalation of pathogens and airborne liquid droplets expelled by coughing, sneezing and respiration.
  • Non- Medical Civilian, At Home Outdoors
  • Flatten the mask and put both ear loops on your ears.
  • Bend the nose clip to match the shape of the nose to prevent unfiltered air from entering.
  • Pull the mask to the lower jaw to produce a tight seal.
  • Product Color – Teal.
  • Mask Style – Flat.
  • Size – Standard.
  • Assigned Protection Factor – 10.
  • Braided Comfort Strap -Yes.
  • Spacious and durable.
  • Ear Loop – Spandex/Polyester.
  • Nose Clip – Metal Core.
  • Nose foam – Polyurethane
  • Shell – Polypropylene/Polyester.
  • Coverweb – Polypropylene spunbond nonwoven, polypropylene melt-blown nonwoven.
  • Natural rubber latex – No
  1. MOQ – 1 Mn.
  2. Lead Times – Ready for FOB in 5-6 days from order placement. 
  3. Price FOB China available on serious interest. 
  4. Customs cleared. 
  5. Country of origin – Global Sourcing. 
  6. Logistics Options- 
    • Direct Charter
    • Part Shipment Charter
    • Combo of sea + air.
  • FDA Cleared. 
  • NIOSH approved.
  • Assigned Protection Factor – (APF 10)
  • Flame Resistance – (ASTM D2859-96) – No
  • Flammability – Rating – Class 1
  • Fluid Resistant – (ASTM F1862) – Yes.