1World Energy Corporation

Sourcing Excellence

Our sourcing methodology

At 1World Energy Corporation, serving our customers’ needs is our passion. This passion has driven us to create a large network of manufacturers across the globe that can meet customers’ specifications, budget and timing.

High Standards

As we aim to become the only company our customers need to work with for all their supplies, the number of industries we can address with new solutions and products keep increasing. To make sure we stay abreast of them and be able to introduce them to our customers to increase their efficiency, we have to keep evolving to meet new challenges.

At the same time, we never lose sight of the quality of the products and solutions that are being delivered to our customers.

Strategic Partnership

Our network consists of manufacturers of all sizes in many regions that can supply to our customers as per their requirements be they quantity, timing, budget or any combination of those. We constantly keep expanding our network to include more manufacturing companies, so that we can deliver the best value to our customers.