1World Energy Corporation


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We partner number of ventures providing terminal and storage facilities globally. In total we have circa 16 million cubic meters of storage capacity in terminals across seven continents.

  • Our partners  owns 9.2 million cubic metres of storage capacity in 14 countries across five continents.
  • Energy companies use complex networks of onshore terminals, storage tanks, blending facilities and pipelines.
  • These bulk logistical facilities take crude oil from ships, storing and delivering it to the refinery at the right time.
  • Similarly, they store and blend refined product to create the exact specifications required in certain markets before transporting it on to the end customer.
  • In the case of gas, terminals tend to take deliveries from specialist tankers or pipelines from gas fields before testing, treating and distributing the gas regionally through pipelines.
  • Alternatively, they store gasses derived from crude oil, such as butane, which are then bottled and used for cooking or heating, where there is no mains gas network.
  • 1WEC Terminal Services has an extensive offering of services designed to meet the specific needs of domestic and import/export- oriented customers.
  • Services include transloading, terminaling, warehousing and a full array of logistical functions.
  • Our terminals are strategically located on major inland waterways, rail lines and highways, providing excellent transload points to the industrial corridors or trucking lanes of your choice and allowing immediate access to your key markets.
  • Facilities are designed for rapid unload, secure storage and timely distribution.
  • Our highest priority is offering the services you need to be successful.
  • We provide timely, efficient and competitive product handling in both directions of the import/export cycle.
  • So whether we’re providing product transfer, storage, distribution, or specifically designed logistical services, 1WEC Terminal Services is ready to meet your needs.

Global oil movement

  • The mismatch in many regions between demand and supply generates the need to move crude oil and oil products inter-regionally creating trading opportunities around the world.

Oil production & demand

 This diagram shows how many million barrels of oil production and demand there are per day around the world.