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Flexible Packaging

Unpacking the dreams

Non-rigid packaging structures used to package and protect products is called flexible packaging. Flexible is since any package or any part of a package whose shape can be readily changed. Common examples of flexible packaging are bags and pouches.

  • Product Information:
    1. We supply all Stand-up pouches, Flat pouches, Rollstock, Gusseted bags. Wicketed bags, Wraps, Others
  • Applications:
    1. Plastic films, Paper, Aluminum foil, Bioplastics, Food & beverage, Heathcare, Cosmetics & toiletries, Others
  •  Specifications:
    1. All  printing technology like Flexography, Rotogravure, Digital printing, Other printing technologies
    2. Detailed specs available on enquiry. 
    3. MSDS available on enquiry.