1World Energy Corporation

Electrical Urban Mobility

Move to the future

As more of the world’s cities become congested and polluted, new business models and technologies are emerging to solve the mobility challenge. We are suppliers of all hardware across transit, collective, individual and freight categories of Urban Mobility.

Mobility is an essential requirement of the world in which we live and work We trade in all urban mobility solutions to support projects that provide efficient and sustainable urban mobility Our products are from reputed customers and are recognized as a hallmark for quality and safety.

  • Electrical Mobility
    1. EV (Cars, Buses, Trucks, LCV, Three Wheelers, Two Wheelers)
    2. EV chargers
    3. Smart meters
    4. Batteries
    5. Battery packs
    6. Battery Swap Stations
    7. Panels
    8. EV industry parts
  • Road Mobility
    1. Solar Powered Roadways
    2. FRP Smart Pavement
    3. Glow in the dark roads
    4. Electric Priority Charging Lane
    5. Traffic Detection
    6. Weather Detection
    7. Interactive Lights
    8. FRP Toll Stations
  • Metros / Railways Mobility
    1. Rolling Stock
    2. Railway and metro electrical components and panels
  • Airport Mobility
    1. Elevators
    2. Escalators
    3. Travellators
    4. Passenger Boarding Bridges
  • Seaport Mobility
    1. FRP Elevators
    2. FRP Escalators
    3. FRP Travellators
    4. FRP Passenger
    5. Boarding Bridges
    6. FRP Gangways
  • Urban Mobility Engineering Spare Parts
    1. Engineering plastic components
    2. Commercial tool room
    3. Switch gears and control gears
    4. Drives and power supply unit