1World Energy Corporation

Our Culture - Why Work Here

At 1WEC, you’ll have the chance to be the difference as part of a global community of dedicated professionals who enhance lives by improving global commodities and the related production, sourcing, merchandizing, marketing and distribution value chains. 1WEC will nourish the world in a safe, responsible and sustainable way, while also driving distinct value for our customers. At 1WEC, our people are the heart of our business. We are proud of our meritocratic working environment – one that is forged in an atmosphere of integrity, ethical conduct, equal opportunity and mutual respect. We set high standards for ourselves and our partners in our day-to-day activities. High-performing, engaged and committed employees are critical to achieving this mission, which is why we put our people first. 1WEC’s benefit plans and programs directly support this by enhancing the lives of our people. We’re committed to providing valuable, competitive and flexible benefits to our employees. We empower and our ethos is entrepreneurial. We encourage people to make decisions and be responsible for their outcomes. Our approach is founded in teamwork and we also recognize individual contribution. We evolve in a constantly changing environment and our Group is anticipating the new dynamics of the global energy and commodities markets. To become a part of 1WEC is to understand and share our values – the source of our distinctiveness and strength. Our leaders aim to lead by example and employees are expected to uphold our values in everything they do on behalf of the company. We welcome new talents and specialised skill sets that can add value to 1WEC’s corporate goals. Thank you for considering 1WEC!

Our Purpose

1WEC’s Purpose is to responsibly source the commodities that advance everyday life. 

We do so through our strategy of sustainably growing total shareholder returns while maintaining a strong investment grade rating and acting as a responsible operator. 

We fulfil our Purpose and deliver on our strategy in a manner that reflects our Values of safety, integrity, responsibility, openness, simplicity and entrepreneurialism.

Our Values

Our Values reflect our Purpose, our priorities and the beliefs by which we conduct ourselves and carry out our business activities. They define what it means to work at 1WEC, regardless of location or role. They are the fundamental basis of our sustainability management system along with our Code of Conduct and our Group Policies. 


We never compromise on safety. We look out for one another and stop work if it’s not safe.


We have the courage to do what’s right, even when it’s hard. We do what we say and treat each other fairly and with respect.


We take responsibility for our actions. We talk and listen to others to understand what they expect from us. We work to improve our commercial, social and environmental performance.


We’re honest and straightforward when we communicate. We push ourselves to improve by sharing information and encouraging dialogue and feedback.


We work efficiently and focus on what’s important. We avoid unnecessary complexity and look for simple, pragmatic solutions.


We encourage new ideas and quickly adapt to change. We’re always looking for new opportunities to create value and find better and safer ways of working.

Our Culture

Our culture is rooted in our past and our founders’ commitment to entrepreneurship, a determination to succeed, integrity, hard work and humility.

We aim to develop a workforce that is diversified, dedicated and driven – at every level of our business, and in more than all countries in the world. Find out more about our unique business culture.

Our culture of entrepreneurialism

Our people think and act like entrepreneurs. We have built a culture that rewards dedicated people with a can-do spirit, who take responsibility, and who have the drive to be leaders in their field.

Operating across APAC, EMEA, AMERICA’s countries with a diversified business structure, we can offer high levels of responsibility to the right people. So if you thrive on being accountable for your actions, join us. 

We expect a lot, but we give a lot in return. We recognise and reward exceptional work.

You can help us make a difference – as we source and market the resources that play such an essential role in everyday lives.

Our culture of career development

Taking responsibility means being willing to learn. We aim to give you the chance to develop skills, expertise and experience, following a clear career path – so you achieve career growth.

Our formal training and development aims to help you move forward in your career – and you also get valuable on-the-job experience from working with creative, experienced professionals in your field.

Our culture of safety

Safety is the number one priority in our workplace. When you choose to work for us, we work hard in return to protect your health and well-being. 

Our global SafeWork programme helps give you the tools you need to stay safe at work – and help keep colleagues safe, too.

Our culture of diversity

We value and respect people from all backgrounds, and we are building a culture of diversity and inclusion. 
This includes – but is not limited to – nationality, religious beliefs, thinking styles, gender, cultural identity, age and ability. 

For example, we seek to attract women into the mining industry; and work to include and promote people from all backgrounds, including indigenous groups and communities local to our operations. 

We strive to offer a workplace free of discrimination and harassment.


Our culture of sustainability

We recognise that our work can have an impact on communities and the environment. 

We care greatly about our performance in compliance, environmental protection, human rights and health and safety.

With an attitude of openness and responsibility, you can help us to build positive partnerships with communities and make positive contributions to society.

Our people are our business and it is on our people’s expertise, innovation, drive and relationships that we depend for the development of our business.

These behaviours underpin our culture and define how we expect our people to behave.

  • Ambitious

    Take the initiative and continuously strive to be and do better

  • Entrepreneurial

    Seek out opportunities and work hard to make them a success

  • Efficient

    Focus on successful outcomes and optimise time and resources

  • Collaborative

    Together we achieve more

  • Responsible

    Assume ownership and accountability for our actions

  • Respectful

    Treat everyone with respect

  • Honest

    We are honest with ourselves and others

  • Humble

    Never forget how much we owe to good fortune

  • Kind

    Be kind and consider those less fortunate than ourselves

1WEC offers a competitive work environment in a rewarding industry. Our employees are working on one of the world’s biggest challenges — how to ensure commodity security for a growing population in a sustainable way.

As a leading global commodities company, we ensure a seamless connection between producers and customers, and produce high quality products.  Our employees are making a difference!

Every 1WEC employee is essential; working together they are irreplaceable. Every day, in countless ways, we are making an important difference in our operations — so that 1WEC can make a lasting difference in the world.

  • We have a rich company history dating back to 1990 that provides a safe and secure working environment.
  • We offer a fast-paced, performance-driven work environment that is diverse, dynamic and challenging.
  • We provide employees with the opportunity for personal and professional growth.
  • We promote a collaborative atmosphere driven by high-performance business analysis and target setting.
  • Our employees cultivate a culture based on a strong foundation of integrity, teamwork, openness and trust, entrepreneurship and citizenship.

Our Core Values

Bunge's core values

Growth and Developmental Opportunities

To ensure our employees have the knowledge and skills to succeed, we are committed to enhancing our employees’ careers and developing their talents. At 1WEC, employees have the opportunity to learn from both hands-on experience and formal programs including a leadership development program conducted in partnership with prestigious universities in North America, South America and Europe, Managing to the Forefront for middle management and various other workshops and professional development activities.


To attract outstanding employees, 1WEC offers a strong benefits package that includes competitive wages and health, vision and dental insurance. Employees have the opportunity to participate in a 401(k) program that includes a company match. Many employees are eligible for a generous paid time off policy, flexible work schedules, a tuition reimbursement program and we offer a scholarship program for children of employees.

  • 1WEC offers a variety of formal and informal learning opportunities ranging from week-long programs to hour-long webinars and brown bag luncheons. 
  • Whatever your learning style or area of focus, our professional devel0pment team works to provide a variety of opportunities to keep our employees fresh and ahead of the game.

We are committed to building a diverse, inclusive culture where our people are able to be innovative. 1WEC serves the world by connecting production facilities / harvests to homes. We are operating in APAC, EMEA & AMERICA’s countries whose many cultures, languages and backgrounds sustain our future. Being a diverse, multicultural team is both part of our DNA and a conscious choice. We aspire to be inclusive, where each employee feels valued and respected. We know by creating this culture we will encourage engagement, promote our entrepreneurial spirit, and foster openness and trust, which are key to our growth and prosperity.

The Diversity / Inclusion and Women of 1WEC Network promotes a supportive environment that provides access to resources assisting in the advancement and development of great female talent within 1WEC.

At 1WEC, we have employees across APAC, EMEA, AMERICA’s countries whose many cultures, languages and backgrounds sustain our future. Being a diverse, multicultural team is both part of our DNA and a conscious choice.

We believe diversity in thought, backgrounds and perspectives is key to our success.  We provide equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, genetic information, national origin, citizenship, age, disability, or military or veteran status in accordance with applicable federal laws.  In addition, the Company complies with any state and local laws governing nondiscrimination in employment applicable to the locations where it has employees.

Applicants requiring a reasonable accommodation for any part of the application and/or hiring process may contact us via email at info@1worldenergy.com or phone at 646-329-6250.

Please note: Messages left for non-disability related issues such as following up on the status of an application will not receive a response.

  • Accounting- Every transaction that takes place in 1WEC ends up in the Accounting team. The team takes care of receipts and payments, accounting for invoices, resolving discrepancies, and bookkeeping. Accounting data is used to prepare accounts for our companies around the world, provide management information, and to prepare our audited Group results.
  • Administrative assistant – Our Administrative Assistants provide support to specific departments or individuals in all their daily tasks, including scheduling and coordinating meetings, interviews and events and preparing business correspondence.
  • Analyst – economist – Our Analyst team is studying data and statistics in order to spot trends in economic activity. They assess this information using advanced methods in statistical analysis, mathematics and computer programming.
  • Audit – Internal Audit in 1WEC is responsible for managing the interface with our external auditors, for executing the annual audits globally across our  legal entities with a ‘no surprises’ mandate, and for the group internal controls framework, governance and reporting to audit committee.
  • Back Office – The team is responsible for the entire Group back office derivatives functions (futures, swaps, options, Forex). The team handles the reconciliations of futures positions with Exchanges. They also verifies and issues contracts for OTC derivatives business. Additionaly, the team is in charge of swaps OTC collateral management, invoicing and margin calls.
  • Business Development – Our business development team is constantly seeking for business opportunities and structuration in every market 1WEC is active in.
  • Communication – Marketing – Public Relations – The Department of Communications focuses on managing 1WEC’s relationship with external audiences. From helping the company tell its story to clients and prospects to providing crisis management and handling social and traditional media relationships, the Department of Communications offers timely support to global 1WEC operations. The team helps communicate 1WEC’s work to the world.
  • Compliance – Throughout the global jurisdictions in which 1WEC operates, the compliance team makes sure 1WEC is up to date on evolving regulations, licensing and permits. The team proactively identifies regulatory risks and designs or implements procedures to reduce challenges while complying with all local and international regulations.
  • Credit Risk – The ability of a counterparty to perform its contractual obligations including payment for delivered product and margin demands are collectively the credit risk taken with each counterparty whom 1WEC trades with. The credit team assess individual companies and transactions to ensure that we have a complete understanding and quantification of this risk, plus the associated implicit cost. The credit team is then tasked with supporting the front offices to maximise their return on credit risk, through proposing contractual clauses and master agreements to improve our netting and offset position, plus the use of risk mitigation through banking and insurance structures.
  • Demurrage – Demurrage analysts are handling the penalty for exceeding free time allowed for taking delivery of a shipment by the Shipping company, the Buyers or the Sellers. They are monitoring all loading and discharge operations executed on behalf of 1WEC’s group account.
  • Financial controlling – Our Financial Controlling team provides compliant and analytical figures for Group Management, such as financial reporting, group performance indicators, trading PnL’s and forecasts and projections. They are in charge of Business Reporting and Trading Controlling as well as cost allocation across the Group.
  • Finance Middle Office (FMO) – Finance Middle Office combines all of Treasury’s, Structured Trade Finance’s, Trade Finance’s and Credit’s modelling, reporting, governance and related middle office functions under a single group. Thus, FMO supports those Finance teams by having streamlined reporting processes, by coordinating the related specific Finance IT developments and more generally by establishing an improved governance and risk management having a clear separation of duties in place between strategy & execution and reporting.
  • Human Resources – The human resources team is working closely with the Business to provide HR advice and support to managers and employees on a wide range of strategic and operational HR issues, including staffing, employee development and employee relations. The team is also responsible for all payroll & benefits administration as well as for developing and implementing an organization-wide reward strategy.
  • Investments – 1WEC’s investment team implements and coordinates the asset strategy of the Group and uses its diversified skillset to reinforce the deal-making capabilities of the Group. 1WEC expresses its strategic views on the commodity markets in which it is engaged through its investments—by acquiring physical assets or contracts and allocating risk capital in the most cost-effective and liquid manners. Investments also allow 1WEC to widen its client base and geographical coverage by creating anchor positions through various kinds of partnerships, which improve the Group’s fundamental understanding of the needs of both suppliers and end-users. Through investments, our Group constantly adapts its product offer—whether it is supply-chain, funding or risk-management solutions—to a constantly changing market.
  • Information Technologies – Development – The team maintains all systems and information technology strategies by managing staff, researching and implementing technological strategic solutions. Our specialists are constantly developing our state-of-the-art ETRM, including all the interfaces between external systems. A dedicated team is responsible for the SAP development.
  • Information Technologies – Infrastructure – The team maintains all systems and information technology strategies by managing staff, researching and implementing technological strategic solutions. This team focuses on our systems architecture and networks while supporting the users in all their IT requirements.
  • Legal – Legal is responsible for providing legal services and advice to the company, its divisions and employees. The department office faces a great number of different legal matters, including: business development, contract management, real estate transactions, claims against the company, employment law, sales and leases matters, debt collection, bankruptcy, case prosecution, and many other functions
  • Office Management – Reception – The Office Management & Reception team ensures the smooth running of the office, with a strong emphasis on the comfort and safety of employees and visitors. As well as being involved in a variety of administrative tasks, the Reception team welcomes colleagues and visitors to the office and takes care of answering the switchboard. Emphasis is on quality and portraying a professional business image for 1WEC.
  • Operations – Logistics – The Operations department is in charge of movements of all commodities, liquid and solid by various ways of transportation such as vessels, barges, railcar, pipeline, trucks. Operators are a key part of trading decision by giving all information needed such as quantity, quality, forecast for loading or discharging, losses,… Operators are responsible for the completeness and control of the physical and logistical operations of the business.
  • Quantitative Strategists – The Quantitative Strategists team is responsible for pricing models, risk management tools, and quantitative structuring functions across 1WEC’s businesses.
  • Risk Management – Corporate – The corporate risk team reports and manages market, financial and operational risks associated with trading commodities across the entire 1WEC Group. It makes sure that our Group maintains its ability to take and manage risks across a diverse business base in a measured, aware and deliberate manner. The team defines, reports and reviews position and VAR limits.
  • Risk Management – Middle Office – Middle officers maintain constant risk monitoring of trading positions. They are responsible for the physical trade entry in the ETRM systems, secondary cost accruals, daily position monitoring and Profits and Losses reporting. They actively participates in risk management strategies. Middle officers are the first line of defence of the risk and control team.
  • Shipping – Operations – Our shipping operators are responsible for post fixture operations of vessels. They are managing operations for time charter and voyage charter parties: Their role ranges from purchasing and managing bunker supply, tracking vessels, appointing agents to passing instructions to vessels and agents, as well as communication with the various parties involved and follow-up of claims; they are responsible for vessel’s daily 24/7 follow-up and performance, directly with the Master/Owners or via brokers. They organize the freight and claims payments and coordinate with traders, chartering department and trading operations.
  • Shipping – Chartering – The Chartering department is arranging the appropriate shipment of the goods purchased and sold by the trading team. The team ensures that the vessels chartered by the Group meet the rigorous standards set by the Company.
  • Strategists – With a strong engineering background (math, physics, computer science), strategists specialize in the application of quantitative technics in trading, structuring and risk management. Strategists work closely with the business to identify opportunities, price complex structures and model their associated risks. As part of this process, they are involved in the development of internal quantitative models and collaborate with IT to deploy best trading and risk solutions to users. Strong analytical and problem solving skills, ability to grasp deep technical concepts, coding ability and keen willingness to learn are the keys to succeed in this position.
  • Structured Trade Finance – Structured Trade Finance is responsible for the financing of transactions that cannot be financed by the companies’ bilateral facilities which contemplate more homogeneous and repetitive transaction flows. Where transactions do not fit within the current bilateral facilities, Structured Trade Finance is responsible for the distribution of credit risk and facilitation of financing when 1WEC does not wish to assume these risks on a proprietary basis. The team works closely with transaction originators to ensure that the customer transaction is structured in a manner that will enable the risks to be covered in line with the Group’s risk appetite. Furthermore the team is responsible for the establishment of the Group’s various Borrowing Base facilities as well as the negotiation of the various bi-lateral facilities that are used by the Trade finance team.
  • Tax Trading – Front office – Trading makes up of the core of 1WEC’s business model. Our teams are highly specialized and operate in all key commodity markets. 1WEC’s trading is global and asset-backed while relying on local skill sets and international best practices to achieve success.
  • Trade finance – The Trade Finance teams manage the financing for 1WEC’s trade flows across all commodities and partner with the Treasury team to optimize our financing costs. The TF team manage the utilisation of all bilateral facilities, repos, borrowing bases and RCF facilities that have been established by the Structured Trade Finance & Treasury teams. They are also integral to the strong relationship management activity across 1WEC that works with our 100 plus financing banks.
  • Travel assistant – The travel team manages all business travel arrangements. Our dedicated travel coordinators are the point of contact between the travel suppliers and the travelers. The travel specialists are looking after flights, hotels, car rental, visas and train booking requests.
  • Treasury – 1WEC Treasury operates out of three regional hubs, Geneva, Singapore and Houston. The team is responsible for short term funding and liquidity management, foreign exchange risk management and the sourcing of committed un-secured funding from banks and “real money” investors such as pension and insurance funds.