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Annual global production of sulphur is about 70 million metric tons. Sulfur is a by-product of oil and gas production and refining, with this involuntary production accounting for up to 95% of traded volume.  1WEC has been a significant market participant in global Sulphur markets. We sell sulphur on an indexed or fixed price basis. Deals can be structured with terms varying from long-term annual commitments to short-term quarterly and month-to-month spot-based deals

  • Most of the sulfur produced by our partner refineries is sold by us into the petrochemicals market where it is used to make sulfuric acid.
  • Processing of high-sulfur natural gas is also a large source of sulfur supply.
  • Sulphur Specs

    Sulphur Purity

    99.5% min.
    Carbon0.025% max.
    Ash0.05% max.
    Arsenic (as As)1 ppm* max.
    Selenium (as Se)1 ppm max.
    Tellurium (as Te)1 ppm max.
    Mercury (as Hg)100 ppb* max.
    *Parts per million (ppm); parts per billion (ppb)
  • Globally, sulfur is typically marketed in solid form and transported in bulk around the world on board ocean going vessels.
    • Truck transportation.
    • Trans-loading.
    • Prilling.
    • Rail transportation.
    • Marine terminalling.
  • Sulfur is used in a wide variety of industries, most of it after conversion into sulfuric acid,
  • As an input for fertilizer production (70%).
  • In metal leaching (20%).
  • In various chemical industries (10%).